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Wonderpod Episode 249

This week on Wonderpod. Almost two hundred and fifty shows in the books. We are quite possibly the worst podcast at celebrating milestones. So there is no telling what will happen next week. For now we have a a great episode for you. Give it a listen and have a great weekend!

B And K Play: Warface Part 2

Agent K and I are back with the second part of our Warface co-op adventure. We spent a decent chunk of this video fighting what we thought was a boss. Turns out we were dead wrong. Also the co-op missions have a time limit. Which is rather stupid and really serves no purpose in this […]

B And K Play: Warface Part 1

A week or so back, Agent K and I played a few co-op missions in Warface. Which is a free to play online shooter from Crytek. This was attempt number 2 at this mission and it ended far better than the first attempt. Interesting game, but felt like it might be a little to pay […]

Graphics Are King (according to Crytek)

Here we go again with the graphics drive game play argument. This time from Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli. I picked up this gem from gamesindustry. I suggest you give the article a quick glance before listening to me babble on about what he has to say.

Wonderpod Episode 144

This weeks Wonderpod goes from three guys to two. One of the crew had to pull a David Copperfield mid way through the episode. Before that we do what we do best. Muddle through, forward and possibly over a number of topics. Never know what we might get up to, better listen and find out

Homefront Sequel To Be Made By Crytek.

This was news that I did not expect. Apparently neither did the crew over at CVG. They are reporting that Crytek is set to make the sequel to Homefront. ¬†Considering the first one by Kaos Studio was a bit of a disaster, this news is rather interesting. ¬†Given how well made and received the Crysis […]

Raging Ranger

Oh boy it is an angry morning here in the McGee compound. At one time in the not to distant past I would of just exploded with rage all over the page. These days I just suck it down and write about shit that matters to no one, yet it entertains me and that is […]