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Double Dragon Neon(Steam Trailer)

I have no clue what to make of this trailer. It has Double Dragon, dorks and a scientist. I think you had probably better just watch and see for yourself. Oh and on a side note. I do not miss the 80’s. Double Dragon NeonGet More: Comedy Central

Wonderpod Episode 98

This episode of Wonderpod is brought to you by train wrecks. When things just aren’t chaotic enough, add a nice big can of train wreck. It’s also why this post is late as can be. Mind you this glorious post of posting isn’t the only way to snag our fine show. It may of gotten […]

Wonderpod Episode 59

This is not an ARG and we are not Valve. We are Wonderpod and we have a new episode for you ear holes. This week we did all the normal things you have come to expect. The end of the show went a little off the rails in a good way. One listener even gets […]

Retropod – Episode 1

Welcome boys and girls and Scruffys! Do we have a treat for you today…we have a brand new podcast known as Retropod! In the pilot, we discuss various topics such as…