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PatMan Picks Free iPhone Games. Temple Run 2.

Endless runners. Yeah, I know, they are a dime a dozen on iOS. Ever since the original Temple Run became a massive success on  iOS, uninspired developers have regurgitated clone after clone of similar looking and playing titles , in hopes of getting a quick buck. Some of them are actually pretty decent, but most Temple Run copies fall short of the fun and […]

PatMan Picks : Free iPhone games. One Epic Knight.

“Endless Runners”, or simply put, Temple Run clones seem to be the latest fad on iOS as of late. They are coming out almost every week it seems. And by no surprise there is yet another one out now by the name of One Epic Knight. It is free to play and it is my pick for […]

PatMan Picks : Free iPhone games. Perfect Cell

Welcome back to another PatMan Picks FREE iPhone games. I have a pretty good one for your downloading pleasures this weekend, Perfect Cell. This game has been out for over a year and yet this weekend is the only time it has been offered for free, so as always, you better get downloading it quickly. Perfect Cell […]

PatMan Picks : Free iPhone Games. Mega Run – Redford’s Adventure

I have been playing  the best platform games for decades, so when I see one up for free on the iPhone I am a little pessimistic about it.  Turns out, Mega Run – Redford’s Adventure is actually pretty decent and a great, quick ,time waster.  It is a very simple game to control, which on the iPhone is […]

PatMan Picks : Free iPhone games. Zombie Outbreak

Ok, I know what you are thinking. PatMan, seriously, another frigging Zombie game? You don’t even LIKE most of them. And you would be right, except for 2 reasons. One, its a cool little trivia game, not a shooter or adventure game. The other reason? Yeah you guessed it. ” If it is FREE it is for […]

PatMan Picks : Free iPhone games. Bullet Time

Bullet Time is a game that, initially ,I didn’t think I would like very much. I mean how many times can we play a game set in some post world ending wasteland fighting off mutants anyways? And it is surely to have nothing but micro transactions because its, well you know, free.  However, because this is Pat-Man’s FREE picks, I gave it a […]

PatMan Picks : Free iPhone games. Star Warfare Alien Invasion

One of Rares “lesser known” games on the N64 was a title called jet Force Gemini. It was a cool 3rd person shooter where you shot the hell out of  bug like aliens in arcade style action. That was what first came to mind when I saw footage of today’s FREE iPhone game, Star Warfare Alien Invasion. This portable game may not […]

PatMan Picks : Free iPhone games.

Are you starting to get a little tired of Draw Something?  Do you enjoy the social aspect of the game, but have had enough finger painting for while? Instead, maybe you would like to test your knowledge and trivia” know how” with your friends on your iPhone? Well then you should go check out Trivial right now at the app store because, as you […]

PatMan Picks : Free iPhone games. Infinite Sky

Fancy some arcade style flight action on your iPhone? Fancy finding enemy planes to shoot down and power ups to collect in the air? Fancy this for free? Good, because I am finished saying the word fancy, however, thoses things are what you will get when you download Infinite Sky on iOS for free. As always, these deals are free only for […]

PatMan Picks : Free iPhone games. Angry Birds Seasons

It is Friday afternoon and that means only one thing, the weekend is HERE. So, if your looking for some absolutely free and fun iPhone gaming this hot summer season weekend look no further. Speaking of seasons, Angry Birds Seasons is up for free for the next little while and it just had to be my free pick for today. […]