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Wonderpod Episode 249

This week on Wonderpod. Almost two hundred and fifty shows in the books. We are quite possibly the worst podcast at celebrating milestones. So there is no telling what will happen next week. For now we have a a great episode for you. Give it a listen and have a great weekend!

Wonderpod Episode 237

The first Wonderpod of 2015. It feels good to have the show back on the road. We made some changes for the new year. Nothing major, mostly throwing the format completely out the window. We give you details during the episode. Enjoy the show and we will see you next week.

Lego City Undercover Trailer

I loved what I saw of Lego City Undercover at E3. It was a game that made me far more interested in the Wii U than I was before E3. Of course, there is the chance the game itself won’t be as good as the trailers. Let’s hope that is not true with this game. […]

Lego LOTR News

This story much like the one posted below stopped me dead in my tracks. This time not with sarcasm and the thought of being a jack ass. Lego games are made from everything these days. Which is great and annoying at the same time. Outside of Lego world things blowing up for Wii U, I […]

Lego City Undercover E3

I still haven’t seen quite enough on the Wii U hardware, but this Lego game makes me want the console anyway. Lego cops running around a Lego city, what more do you freaking want. Again is it not clear that I am running out of crap to say. Seriously this game is awesome. Get More: […]

Wonderpod Episode 98

This episode of Wonderpod is brought to you by train wrecks. When things just aren’t chaotic enough, add a nice big can of train wreck. It’s also why this post is late as can be. Mind you this glorious post of posting isn’t the only way to snag our fine show. It may of gotten […]

Get Your Minecraft LEGO This Summer.

Looks like Minecraft fans will be able to take their fun PC gaming obsession right into the real world this summer as Minecraft and Lego have teamed up to release, well, Minecraft LEGO!  While I am not big into the Minecraft thing to be honest, I know some members of the Wpod crew are excited about this […]