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B games are dead (again)

Ubisoft has always been known for making brash statements. Whether you agree or don’t agree, they get people talking. Ubisoft Montreal CEO Yannis Mallat has been the source for many of them. In fact by my calculations this is the third or fourth time he has talked about the end of B level games. The […]

Where They Drew The Line – Squaresoft

Ever since the original Final Fantasy, right at the ass end of the 80s, I was a huge Squaresoft fan. And why wouldn’t I be? They heavily inspired me ever since Final Fantasy and kept the hits coming with games like Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger, Parasite Eve, Breath of Fire (they partnered with Capcom […]

Risen 2 – Dark Waters

General Overview Is it a pirate’s life for ye? If so, ye needn’t look much further than this one. Sure, it’s got graphical glitches, the controls could be better, the voice acting is just okay, the animations are wonky at best, and the game gets borderline offensive with some stuff, but that aside it’s easily […]

Will Nintendo announce next console at E3?

The internet is abuzz with stories about Nintendo announcing a new console, call it the Wii 2 if you want, just a few months away at this years E3.  Big name Video game blogs and websites are posting about this and Game Informer has all but called it a fact, stating some ” very good […]

FPS of the Year – Before All The Good Shit

This one’s going to be a little different and here’s why. So once again, I thought I would start in 1990. I mean, that seems to be a pretty good year to start with and it worked with everything else, so why not? I’LL TELL YOU WHY NOT. Wolfenstein 3D wasn’t even released until 1992. […]

Kinect. Fastest selling consumer device. “Super-Hardcore” gamers, get over it.

According to, well a bunch of sources, including The Guinness Book of World records, Microsoft and many a video game website, Kinect has surprised us all as it has now become the “fastest selling consumer device in a 60 day period”. Thats right, fastest ever. Apparently, Kinect has sold more than the iPad or even […]

iMPACT 02/24/11: Me being retarded by watching this show continues…

I don’t have an introductory paragraph tonight, just a sentence.

Wonderpod Episode 52

Two weeks of good recordings in a row. That must mean it is time for Wonderpod. We got another brand spanking new episode for you. The original line up is back together this week. It’s almost like a Beatles reunion. Only this actually happened and we didn’t sing. We did, talk about games and make animals noises

PUCK YOU! Season 2, episode 2

Hello hockey fans! We started this project last season on a different website. We have a new home here at Wonderpod-Online, and couldn’t be happier to getting back to discussing a game we all mutually love… hockey. The one played on ice, that is. The NHL season is just over the halfway mark, the World […]