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Wonderpod Episode 264

Time for more Wonderpod. We are really sorry we couldn’t bring you a show last week. This week its a two man potluck. We held a high level meeting with our head ferret and he is pretty sure will be back to a full crew next week. Enjoy the show!

Wonderpod Episode 170

Wonderpod is brand spanking new. Two man show this week. Glasenator is currently being shipped back to Louisiana via fred ex. It is one of those shows were several themes run through each topic. Almost intertwined so to speak. If we remembered to poke air holes in the shipping container, it will be back to […]

Slapping EA Around One More Time

This morning while trawling the internet for podcast resources. I came upon the sales numbers for the first week of Battlefield 3. The game has sold five million copies and shipped 10 million total. That is a pretty damn good amount for any video game in any time period. The problem is, it won’t matter […]