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Wonderpod Episode 156

This weeks Wonderpod is 100% new. Its a live wire of a show. Which is why we did it on a Friday. If we had tried it on Thursday it would been more Zombiepod. Not the good kind of zombies either. We do a quick preview of what you might of got in the first […]

Review MMOs Differently?

I was reading this interview with Star Trek Online executive producer Dan Stahl and Perfect World Entertainment vice president of business development and corporate communications John Young. Most of it was typical industry talk of managing an MMO, but Dan Stahl made one comment that really got me thinking. Should MMO’s be reviewed differently than […]

Wonderpod Episode 94

Here I come to fall off a cliff. Oh and I got a new episode of Wonderpod here somewhere. That is what recording the show felt like last night. Like we were running along in a field full of flowers. Then boom straight off a cliff into poo. Best part, the show still turned out […]

Wonderpod Episode 60

Wonderpod 60 is here and just as wild as ever. Nothing could stop this show from happening. There was a virus, a giant can of red paint and poor PatMan was last seen on a milk carton. None of that slowed us down, although it may have had its influence on some things. We got […]

Wonderpod Episode 56

Here I sit with an empty page, I need words to magically appear damn it. Cursing the empty page has no effect. I may not be as strong in the force as I thought. If your still here I have an episode of Wonderpod, that much is clear. This week Pat slept through most of […]

Convention Ninja Critic

Apparently the Oscars were on last night. I had no clue as they have little relevance to my life. Watching them was on my list of priorities, smashed right between watching grass grow and getting my balls kicked by a woman. So I hope you didn’t show up this morning expecting me to talk about […]