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McGee In: Goat Z Part 2

Time for some more GoatZ. I will be seeing blue barrels in my sleep for months. On the plus side I got that bastard Conrad. Enjoy the video guys and have a great weekend!

Broken Pencils Episode 3

Back for another round! Published on Mar 11, 2013 Broken Pencils is secretly recorded audio of meetings held between members of WWE’s Creative Writing Staff. In this episode the team discuss Jack Swagger’s main event credentials with John Laurinitis, hear a harrowing tale of their leader’s previous life as an intern and get drunk…well one […]

What I Think Happened To Britney Spears, Actually

Recently I saw a trailer for Wreck-It Ralph and it got me thinking that I know exactly what happened to Britney Spears…

Saturday (re)post

As I stated yesterday in my morning ramble post, today and tomorrow will be re-post day’s. I was going to start with a story series I wrote for the Morphine Nation, until another of my favorites came up in an Xbox Live chat last night. This little tale, started as a parody of another post […]