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PatMan Plays Mario Kart 8. New DLC

What is going on, people? More great DLC for Mario Kart 8 is what is going on, and it is great fun. I only had a little bit of time with it last night but I am enjoying the hell out of what I played thus far. Here is a quick video of my Amiibo […]

PatMan Plays Infinity Blade 2. Under $1, For The Rest Of June.

The original Infinity Blade was , for its time , the most impressive iPhone game ever made. With visuals on par with consoles yet game play specifically crafted for short bursts of handheld gaming, it was and still is a great iOS title. Then came it’s sequel, Infinity Blade 2, with even more impressive graphics […]

PatMan Picks Free iPhone Games. Retro Racing.

Depending on how old you are this FREE iOS pick might be right up your alley, or maybe more accurately, right down your racetrack. You see an old Commodore Amiga game developer, who worked on several racing titles back in the golden era of video games, is back with an all new, retro inspired , top down racer […]

PatMan Picks Free iPhone Games. The Bowling Dead.

Zombie games are a dime a dozen on the iPhone. And to be perfectly honest I am getting more and more sick of anything to do with Zombies each and every day. So when a new game came out on iOS with Zombies in it a few days ago I was anything but excited. Then, I heard that it was […]

PatMan Picks Free iPhone Games. Super Bit Bash

Another lazy Sunday. While your sitting on the sofa watching sports today why not download another free iOS title? You need something to do during those annoyingly repetitive commercials and I have just the thing for you. Today, Super Bit Bash goes free , well “For a limited time”.  As always that means it can go back up in price at any time and […]

PatMan Picks : Free iPhone games. Ricky Carmichael’s Motocross Matchup Pro

I am a fan of racing games, always have been and probably will always continue to be. So, I like it when I stumble upon a good ,solid racer on the iPhone. Ricky Carmichael’s Motocross Matchup Pro is exactly that. Oh and of course, the game is FREE for a limited time. If you like motocross […]

PatMan Picks : Free iPhone games. Trigger Fist

What happens when a developer launches a shooter priced at $4.99 that is essentially online only, resulting in gamers playing with bots all the time due to lack of real, human opponents? A few weeks later it goes on for absolutely FREE, that’s what happens. In an attempt to get more people playing Trigger Fist the game has become free […]

PatMan Picks : Free iPhone games. Amateur Surgeon 2

I once had dreams of being a high paid and world famous surgeon when I started attending University. Unfortunately, that dream interfered with my obsession with video games, drunken frat parties and one awkward night with the school mascot. All of this got me kicked out of the world of higher learning. Yet, ironically, it gave me perfect credentials for blogging here at Wpod!  Ok. So, absolutely none […]

PatMan Picks : Free iPhone games. Air Fox HD( River Raid )

I am the proud owner of many a console, computer and hand held device from the glorious past. However one system I never owned was the Atari 2600. However I did have friends who had one and I manged to play some of the best titles for it over the years, but not nearly as much as I wanted to of course. I remember […]

PatMan Picks : Free iPhone games. Robot Rampage

Have you ever had a dream about turning into a giant robot? One who’s only purpose is to destroy buildings, blast tanks with lasers, squash  ground troops and take out tanks? You have? Wow. Because I was kidding and your kind of deranged, really. But that’s OK, because you can now live out those strange dreams in […]