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Wonderpod Episode 207

Another week, another Wonderpod. One of those weeks where we cover the relevant news and feel dirty doing it. It is amazing to watch people spin the simplest of announcement’s into a class five drama. We do our best to make it entertaining. Join us for a live episode next week.

Wonderpod Episode 204

Wonderpod pulled off another live broadcast this week. Thanks to all the fine folks that showed up. If you missed this live show we will be doing another one soon. This show was created from scraps we had lying around. Drop us a line and let us know what you think of the show.

Wonderpod Episode 121

Wonderpod is back in full volume this week. Recording one show using less than stellar equipment, makes you really appreciate a good microphone. This is also one of those episodes with a theme of sorts. When this happens I can assure you it is never planned. If nothing else this weeks show should be much […]