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Pintnoir’s Impact Review 10-06

Here is another rousing edition of Pintnoir’s Impact Wrestling Review. We’re a little over 10 days away from Bobby Roode vs Kurt Angle at Bound for Glory. Beer Money comes to the ring to tell the fans in Knoxville, TN (Yes in a actual arena!) that they will get a show tonight that neither man […]

Impact Wrestling Review August 25, 2011

It starts with Kurt Angle calling out Crimson who is now wearing a knee brace. Angle compliments Crimson for his courage for standing up for him but then insults him. Promises to end his career. Heel turns It always make sense in TNA. 

Meditations on a CM Punk Promo

Yeah, I know. Everybody is going to be talking about the CM Punk promo from last night. Any why shouldn’t we? I can count on my hand the number of times wrestling has gotten “real.” Montreal Screw Job was one. Bash at the Beach (Russo’s promo) was at best what we still think was one. […]

Slammiversary IX- A review

Its that time of year again for the anniversary show of TNA iMPACT Wrestling.

iMPACT Wrestling 06/09/2011- review

Welcome again to another wonderful Pintnoir Impact review. No declaration of struggling to watch the show, just plain old ‘noir coming to terms with this new direction good and bad. Bad- Bischoff and Hogan come to the ring, cocky as always as they proclaim that iMPACT Wrestling is now back in better hands minus a […]

Impact review:06/02/11

Well sorry to disappoint. But tonight there is no G, only the temp Pintnoir. Let us delve in.

Power Poll for the Week Ending: 3/8/11

This week brings a slough of new competitors and grapplers to our online voting project, the Power Poll. Although an episode of iMPACT has already aired, and possibly one from Smackdown, keep in mind the date listed above. Last week didn’t include the win from Sting over on the TNA side of things, and “spoiler,” […]

Power Poll for the Week Ending: 03/02/11

This one’s a little late, although I might start shaking up when I put these out as a result of that… see, being a community project by many IWC voters, quite a lot of things create delays. I like to refer to them as “life.” Speaking of life, I’ll animate the gifs for you fine […]

Power Poll for the Week Ending: 2/16/11

What’s up wrestling fans? It’s that time of the week for another power poll update. There was much movement amongst the ten rankings this time around, as four grapplers fell out of contention. You might be surprised to see one particular entry, perhaps…

iMPACT: 02/03/11. You Get Many Videos and Tangents This Time.

Whoop-dee-do! It’s Thursday Night Suffering Time! According to some semi-spoilers I’ve run across (unintentionally), some are saying this is a sure contender for the worst iMPACT of ALL time. Great, and it’s my job to review it. Expects tangents… many, many umm…