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GTA 5: Psycho Gumball 2

So this video is late. I also learned that I did not know how to spell psycho. If not for Agent K catching it a month after the first one. Got to love the internet. Anyway I am back attempting to complete the police infested road race from hell. For extra difficulty I did it […]

Wonderpod Episode 239

Wonderpod is here and now comes with thirty percent more ranting. For those of you that don’t like ranting, never fear there is less angry topics too. Next week we will do the first live show of the year. Hope to see you there!

Wonderpod Episode 184

This week on Wonderpod. The three amigos reunite to bring you another show. We talk a little gaming and a little TV. Throw in a little business talk and you make an episode. Oh yeah and there was a console launch. Next week we may find out where it landed.

Wonderpod Episode 159

Time for this week’s Wonderpod. As your humble post scribbler, I suspect you can guess what we talked about this week. We run through everything and anything connected to the Xbox 1 and it’s reveal on Tuesday. Going through this reveal and the reaction was maddening for all of us. We did our best to […]

Serial Killers Are Cool

Look at me mom I can write one day and be lazy the next. Ranting about large people has worn me out. ┬áThe truth is I want to get in some more time with Beyond Good and Evil HD. So here is a trailer for Rockstars upcoming title L.A. Noire. Should make Gunsage squeal. Video […]

Ranting and Raging

Good Wednesday morning to you. Brain is functioning a little better today. So will run through an actual written post. Plus the nostalgia images bombed big time. Silly bastards, just don’t know comedy gold when they see it. Plus most of the those images were the kind that only make me laugh. I tend to […]