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Unturned: Three Stooges Edition

Unturned is a free to play game on Steam. One which I have talked about a couple times on Wonderpod. Honestly, about all we got out of this game was this video. For a game made by a sixteen year old its decent, but has a number of issues. Still a fun time and a […]

Best of Wonderpod Number 4

This weeks Wonderpod is a best of show. For those of you that know the ancient posting rituals well you probably already have the episode. For the rest of you, we took some of the finest cuts from previous shows and slapped them together for your listening pleasure. We always feel its best to give […]

Combat Wombat Attacks!: Lost Shores GW2

So yesterday I introduced you all to the Combat Wombat Guild and they are a great bunch of folks just like the WPO crew. Today I am going to show you some of the antics I get up to with them in Guild Wars 2. A great use of the screen shots I have and […]

Unwritten Rules

Today let’s talk about unwritten rules in sports. What are those you ask? Really hard to say in most cases. I mean they aren’t written done anywhere so, it’s like a rule mine field. You’ll never you broke one until it’s to bloody late. If you can’t tell, I hate the concept, everything to do […]

Wonderpod Episode 95

This weeks Wonderpod started off with a bang. In fact the whole show is a little off format so to speak. Let’s see what the audience thinks of the subtle changes. Mind you we did speak of video games and all things connected with the activity. So that aspect of the show remains the same. […]

Smurfs Episode 3

Always invest in a back up or second hard drive people. If I had not done that, there would be no more smurfs for you. Well no more of the old ones that I created prior to the birth of this site. ¬†Speaking of that, I wonder how many of you will get what I […]

Kill Osama Bin Laden In This Free Publicity Seeking Videogame Game, If You Want. I Guess.

So there is a level just recently released in some old FPS that I have never heard of centering on hunting down Bin Laden.¬†“The Death of Osama bin Laden” is its title, to be exact. And now, apparently, they have ” recreated” the final assault for all to experience. From the video below well, it […]

iMPACT 03/24/11: TNA versus Homefront

Here we are tape-to-air for another installment of TNA iMPACT. Will Jeff Hardy appear tonight? Hell, no. But it gets sillier folks, they are apparently planning on bringing him back later as a babyface. While many people questioned him turning him initially, now people are collectively face palming questioning why he is even employed. But […]

PUCK YOU! 2.3: Post-Trade-Deadline Analysis.

Hello hockey fans! PUCK YOU! has returned for another installment, and this time we address the deals made on trade deadline day. This is the last stretch of the regular season and these moves could possibly make or break a team’s aim at making the post season. This year, the race is incredibly close (especially […]

Bellator 36 Preview

I’m trying to do this Bellator preview thing. I’m no expert, but if you’re an MMA fan, go out to Shreveport or try to watch on tv. Even if you’re not into MMA, give this a shot. These should be some great fights and a reason to watch.