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A Celebration of Professional Wrestling Week is Returning…A Celebration of Professional Wrestling Week is Returning…A Celebration of Professional Wrestling Week is Returning…

The following is a repost of A Celebration of Professional Wrestling: Thank you!. We are about to kick things off again this year in celebration of WrestleMania 28, which occurs on April 1st, 2012… unless of course Vince McMahon is secretly planning on the biggest April Fool’s Day joke ever played on wrestling fans. This […]

A Celebration of Professional Wrestling: Thank you!

As we sit on the doorstep of the showcase of the Immortals, WrestleMania 27, I’d like to thank everyone involved in this project, especially you noble websurfer. We’re one hour away from the event itself, and we shall consider this the closing ceremonies, if you will.

Wonderpod Episode 47

Hey there, time for another episode of Wonderpod. Hope your all still around after our holiday break. I am sure you have noticed we are hosted at a new site with the same name. It is the new and permanent home of Wonderpod. No matter what else happens you will always be able to find […]

A Celebration of Professional Wrestling Begins This Saturday!

Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages… it’s time for a Celebration of Professional Wrestling. That’s right folks! The showcase of the immortals, WRESTLEMANIA, is just over a week away! In a conjoint assembly of marks, smarks, and fans alike, Bored Wrestling Fan and Wonderpod-Online staff have united to create a week long tribute to […]

Wonderpod Highlight Reel !

What is going on people? PatMan here with ¬†another installment of the wonderpod video game podcast ¬†highlight reel! This time we go way back to episode 11. Yes, thats a while back, its a time before Glasenator and Survivor Man G became staples of the show. Check out our past episodes at where you […]

Wonderpod Episode 53

It is once again time for Wonderpod. We are using a Russian roulette method to choose hosts. So far it has worked rather well. We may need to get a larger pool of potential host, but will set fire to that bridge when we get to it. Wow I am really losing it with introductions. […]

iMPACT 02/17/11: Nut-shots for everyone!

It’s been an intense week in the world of wrestling. It seems pretty unlikely that TNA will be able to come close to topping The Rock’s return to the WWE, but they are coming off the heels of the Turning Point PPV that aired on Sunday. It was an interesting show (I think that’s a […]

Wonderpod Episode 51

Wonderpod episode 51 is ready for you. This episode took almost no effort at all when you compare it with episode 50. I am really happy we had no more disasters this time around. Pat was off hunting for bargains this week so Jonkind77 was nice enough to join us. We may see more from […]

Wonderpod Episode 50

I have some good news for you people. We have a new episode of Wonderpod and it’s audio demon free. I have never had a problem with shit going wrong. You just keep going until you get it right. Recording this episode involved four recording session and a lot of cursing. To everyone involved in […]

Wonderpod Episode 49

It is Wonderpod time again. Hope your Friday is treating you well, mine is trying to drag me under a bus. We gathered together last night and got another episode cobbled together using mostly garden gnome cookie magic. Sadly there were no zombies involved. Here is what we rambled on about