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Wonderpod: Spoilercast(Bioshock Infinite)

It is time for a special episode of Wonderpod. This time around Jon and I sit down and discuss the game Bioshock Infinite. There are massive and we mean massive spoilers contained in the podcast. We go through all our favorite bits and pieces of this excellent title. There will also be a normal episode […]

A Win For Gaming (Court News)

Ah lawsuits, they are almost always boring and make our readers/audience mad. Yet one came along today that is a very good thing for gamers and the industry. My intention with this post is to explain to you what happened and why it’s a good thing. I hope to do so in a manner that […]

Video Tuesday: Broken Alarm

For some bloody reason, my alarm didn’t go off this morning. So I am now an hour behind and not very happy. So another crappy Tuesday for me means funky video for you.  A trailer for the game Alice: Madness Returns, the trailer is slightly twisted. I have been paying a little attention to this […]