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Original Stampede Wrestling Invades Taco or No Taco

On December 23rd, 2013, I had the humble opportunity to attend a Pop-Up Taqueria event described as an evening of “TACOS, BEER, BOURBON, HIP HOP, & LIVE LUCHADOR WRESTLING”. It was a collaborative effort between Original Stampede Wrestling and Taco or No Taco. DJ Tokyo was booked to kick out some old school funk and […]

BoredWrestlingFan Radio Episode 105

This.  This is what happens when Joe actually prepares for a show.  Disaster strikes.  Jorge didn’t show up, and I accidentally leaned on something, which shut down the entire show for a few minutes, including our Ustream feed.  But that’s not to say the show was a total loss.  Joe, JT, G, and Mark discuss […]

Smackdown 12/13/13: Go Away Show

And so it begins. Out Slammy fallout and last ditch effort to sell a PPV. It’s hard to care about this episode of Smackdown, seeing that I have very little reason to care about said PPV and this Sunday on BWF Radio we are holding our own annual awards. Tonight’s episode is nominated for least […]

Smackdown 12/06/13

Well, here we are again. Yes, it’s Friday. I started off my day driving through the snowy tundra hell that Calgary has become over the last week in search of a drill bit set for my Dad. Then I had the delight of appearing on an upcoming special episode of RWR with Alice Radley. Then, […]

BoredWrestlingFan Radio Episode 102

This week, the crew discuss independent wrestling, as Joe and Jorge recount their experience at Empire State Wrestling’s “WrestleBash” event.  Joe, Jorge, JT, G, and Mark are joined by Topher of ProWrestlingPowerhouse, and unexpectedly by Doc Knight and KATANA from Original Stampede Wrestling.  We cover most of wrestling television from the week, discuss the lack […]

Smackdown 11/28/13

Ahh.. Black Friday Night Smackdown. I wonder if everyone’s in the concorse of the arena mobbing the merch stand and Barrett Barrage Energy Bar souvenier stand? Maybe, or maybe not. In Canada, it’s starting to catch on too. I swear I saw almost half the country at Gordie’s Bait and Tackle, Hockey Skate Sharpening and […]

Bored Wrestling Fan Radio Episode 101

Buffalo, NY based Country-Punk artist Andrew J Reimers guest hosts with the crew as G leaves early to secretly go turkey hunting, since he knows this is the real Thanksgiving coming up.  Joe, Jorge, JT, Mark, and Andrew cover this week in wrestling television.  For our break song, Andrew performs his ode to being a Buffalo […]

Smackdown 11/22/13: Go Away Show.

Since I have things that force me to only appear briefly on BWF Radio 101 this Sunday, I plan on making this the worst best G’s-non-present Smackdown review ever. It will still be better than the RAW review, of course, but I assure you, it will suck. And no, this is not just a swerve […]

Bored Wrestling Fan Radio Episode 100

The BWF Radio crew reminisce over past episodes and are joined by Mr. Brian Deville of the DeVille Agency.   Mr. DeVille talks up his clients, RJ City and Rhett Titus, both of whom will be in action on Sunday, November 30th at Empire State Wrestling’s WrestleBash event in Lockport, NY.  Also appearing on the […]

Smackdown 11/15/13

Introduction goes here, I guess. Oh and make sure you check out BWF Radio this Sunday where we celebrate our second episode in one hundred years! It’s going to be a show! Hopping time…