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Wonderpod Episode 261

Busy Wonderpod for your Friday. There was a lot to cover this week. It always goes this way in the summer. From weeks of nothing new to almost to much to cover in one episode. Enjoy the show people and have a great weekend!

Wonderpod Episode 253

Wonderpod is another two man affair this week. Glasenator has returned and we will be back to the normal trio next week. Until then enjoy our chat and have a great weekend!

Duke Nukem Trailer Show Games Age, Yet Still Looks Good.

The latest Duke Nukem Forever trailer has hit the web a few days ago, filled with everything you would expect for a sequel to the PC classic. By everything of course I mean tits, ass, urination, cheesy one liners and insane action. Its what made Duke Nukem 3D so funny and fun to play back […]

Video Games Are Good

Tuesday morning, almost the end of January. Where did the bloody month go already. I know where it went, work and video games. Speaking of video games, Both the Bullet Storm and Crysis 2 demos drop today. I will be playing both and might even give you an impressions post or something. On top of […]