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Wonderpod Online’s Top 50 Games: 50 – 46

Hey friends, Dave Chadwick here (aka Sugar Ray Dodge.) A while back I recruited members from Wonderpod Online, along with master web cartoonist Al Creed (from TCR and Retro Gamer Eric Bailey (from Nintendo to help me put together a unique Top 50 Games of All Time List. This list is unique in […]

The War On.. Video Game o-Mania, Falcons And Stars

Welcome to the War for another week. In this column, I bring you my reviews of Dead Island and NHL 12, plus some comments on the Dallas Stars and the Atlanta Falcons. So, without further adieu, as it is a long column (I should know, I wrote this piece after I wrote the reviews), I […]

Mortal Kombat 9

Hey friends. If you are like me, you love yourself some Mortal Kombat action. I myself own a Wii, so I haven’t been able to participate in this year’s revival of that klassic (with a k, get it?!) experience. HOWEVER! I have seen the story mode on YouTube and it is FANTASTIC. Just from a […]

Bid On A BR! Bungie Having Auction For Childs Play Charity, Right Now!

The good folks at Bungie are almost ready to give the Halo franchise up to Microsoft. But before they do they have put up some cool stuff on eBay for you to bid on. The proceeds go to Childs Play Charity so if your interested, bid away and help some kids out while collecting your […]

Is the Wii going stale? Wii Play Motion Trailer shows “more of the same”.

Another Nintendo Wii  trailer for yet another Nintendo Wii Mini-Game fest ,staring your cute little Miis in all sorts of fun situations. Sound familiar?  It should. While I DO still really enjoy playing Wii Sports with my family, friends and very bouncy wife ,that was some time ago. I understand fully that there are millions […]

Ritalin Comics: That Movie – Part Three

James’ quest to find his Missing Stapler continues, but he recieves absolutely no help from a seemingly troubled co-worker from the Information Technology Department.  Hopefully, this individual seeks the counselling he needs!

Ritalin Comics – That Movie: Part Two

The search begins for James’ Missing Stapler!  He has enlisted the help of Ellen and Lisa, based on their reputation of being very snoopy around the Office.  He is also getting some mild sexual arousal from being touched by two females at once.

Proximity Twitter

Hello there twitter, I am writing this specifically for the blurb that goes out with our RSS feed. As I have stated in the past I hate writing introductions for these posts. I don’t want to jump right into whats on my mind. I still have to make sure the intro makes some sense for […]

An Introduction to Destruction

Hey everyone, Jonkind here. I just wanted to write a quick introductory post to firstly thank the WonderPod team for giving me the opportunity to do some posting here on the site as well as help them out with Episode 51 of the podcast, I had a blast. Secondly, I wanted to give you a […]

“All I want is Recon Armor”

Don’t get me wrong, I feel for the kid here.  Just watch the video and feel my wrath after the jump.