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Wonderpod Episode 127

Wonderpod is late and full of the f-bomb. The weeks show is now fortified with special ingredients. We stole them from a midget at the end of a tornado. Means from this day forward the show will be twice as awesome. Plus we bitch about the Wii U. It appears to be all the rage […]

Wonderpod Episode 93

Friday has wandered in and with it another Wonderpod. Consider this the first regular show of the new year. Mind you there is nothing regular about the festival of merriment we are bringing. Any show you talk about food and old people has to be good. Eventually we get down to the business of video […]

Wonderpod Episode 91(year end)

The final Wonderpod of 2011 is here. The show covers some year end things like GOTY and we threw in a few other features as well. We would like to thank each and every one of you for listening. With that out of the way, why are you still here? Hit the bloody button already […]

Wonderpod Episode 90

Finally, Wonderpod episode 90 has come back to WPO. Fun fact the audience may want to know. Buying a new PC means you will get be screwed side ways and not just by shovel ware. So much for plug and play! Okay shitty pun’s out of my system we got a great show for you, […]

Wonderpod Episode 87

The crew has survived Halloween. The various hexes, curses and death threats did not stop us. To show there are no hard feelings  we put together a new episode of Wonderpod for you. For those of you that attempted to harm us, all I can say is better luck next year.

Wonderpod Episode 86

Just like Jason, Wonderpod keeps on appearing. We got an epic show for you this week, including a rant. I hear through the grapevine that some of you love those. Sorry the shows a little late, got wrapped up in the World Series game last night. I am sure you will find the show worth […]

Wonderpod Episode 84

Time for some hot Wonderpod action. This week we wander off the beaten path format wise. The show is still about video games and was a lot of fun to record. You, the fine listening audience will have to tell us what you think of us mixing it up a bit. If you like it […]

Wonderpod Episode 83

Hello and welcome to the ass crack of dawn. I am here to drop some Wonderpod on you all. We got a super sized show this week. There are four of us in the wondrous toilet monkey studios for this episode. The amazing thing is the show is under two hours long. We we’re all […]

Wonderpod Episode 82

Wonderpod is back in town kids with another new episode. The world may rejoice as Pat has returned to the fold. He was in fact kidnapped by a yeti and was forced to challenge him to a round of miniature golf. I am telling you Canada has some cool shit man. Even the wilderness comes […]

Wonderpod Episode 78

Another Friday has arrived and with it a new episode of Wonderpod. I am positive this is only podcast in existence that hates pants. If your not sure what I mean then you need to listen to the show. All will be explained as foretold in the prophecy. We also talked about video games and […]