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Get Off My Lawn: (CS:GO)

Hey let me post something that isn’t the podcast. I have a hard time not writing these intros without critiquing my crap videos. I still have way to much to learn to get to the cool kid 1080p60 that means your YouTube elite. Might want to learn actually be good at games as well. Enjoy […]

News Roundup 2/13/13

Quite a bit of interesting news today. So lets just slap it all together in one big old roundup. Never know this kind of thing might catch on. For those of you that wanted to read three to five different posts I can help. Just click on this one a bunch of time. Now onward […]

PatMan Picks Stampede Wrestling Classics. Davey Boy Smith vs. Dynamite Kid. Before they were Bulldogs!

Its time once again to travel back into Calgary’s rich wrestling past for some classic Stampede action. This time around I have a match showcasing the members of my favorite tag team of all time, the famous British Bulldogs. Or should I say future favorite tag team of all time. The catch is, this match […]

How To Not Suck At Team Fortress 2

I’m going to assume you’re reading this for one of three possible reasons. One, you’re still new to Team Fortress 2 and you’re not really sure what you’re doing, frustrated, etc. Two, you’re not new, but you could use some pointers. Or three, you just read shit I post. Honestly, this FAQ of sorts is […]

PatMan Picks Stampede Wrestling Classics. Davey Boy Smith VS Bret Hart.

Its that time again people, its time for some classic wrestling action. Welcome to another journey back in time as we explore Stampede Wrestlings great historic past. This time around lets watch a very good match between 2 former wrestlers from the Calgary promotion who were actually WWF employees at the time battling it out […]

TCR Comix: The Professional Sports Championship

SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS!  The Professional Sports Championship is underway, you guys!  It’s the VERY best part about sports, when the best two sports teams in the entire WORLD collide to determine who can claim to be the Best at Sports for an entire year!  While we, as Sports Fans, adopt a new favourite sports team […]

Impact review:06/02/11

Well sorry to disappoint. But tonight there is no G, only the temp Pintnoir. Let us delve in.

FPS of the Year – 1999

You know the deal. Let’s do it!

FPS of the Year – 1998

You might think FPSs get worse from here. Well, that’s just it…there are MORE FPSs released in a given year now since they’ve become super popular, so there’s always the potential for shit…but I think you’ll find something interesting, especially with this year.

Swamp Thing and how 80’s comics redefined a genre.

Or how Alan Moore saved this kid from abandoning comics senior year. The year was 2002, 2nd semester, a young impressionable young man was finally calling it quits on Super-hero comics. WHY? you ask. Because after years of sitting around watching as the assorted heroes would rehash the same tired battles, have earth shattering moments […]