The Fan Art Of Wonderpod!

We here at wonderpod videogame podcast are both proud of and really appreciate our group of listeners. We certainly understand that we are not affiliated with any popular and massive video game site, nor  do we have a famously known name by any means, yet it is still absoultly great to receive feedback from our listeners. Especially when that feed back comes in the form of art. I know that I personally am very happy and surprised to see the art work that was created by wonderpod listeners over the time span of our first season. I enjoyed the work so much, in fact, that I will be showcasing last years “Fan Art” right here for everyone to see and enjoy as we have. Please continue to read on as I showcase some of our wonderpod  fan artist  fine work from last year.  If we are lucky, I hope to see more cool stuff this second season as well !

The first batch of Wonderpod fan Art that I will showcase comes from someone very famous with listeners of the podcast, captain Taco himself, Carlos.  You may like him or  you may hate him ,its doesn’t matter to Carlos because your paying attention to him and thats all the fuel he needs for his ego to thrive! Here are some very cool sketches of the Wonderpod crew and also a nice looking title for what was to be the “wonderpod  fan comics”, last year.  A very hard university schedual, working a job to pay for it and the discovery that women exist outside of watching them in porn films put a rather sudden halt to the production of the “Wonderpod fan comics” last year , I am afraid to report. However , the concept art and title page are absoultly great stuff and we love Carlos for making it for us! Thanks Captain Taco, we hope to see more cool stuff this year, if you have the chance. See you on XBL soon.

Coming soon may be a bit of a stretch...

Look its-a me! PatMan.

Carlos draws his "good buddy", Bruce !

Gunsage. Looking cool as a viking.

Next , I bring you the  Wonderpod Art of someone who enjoyed Wonderpods  first season so much, that he was put on the show in  its launch episode of the new year. For those of you that have not listened to our first show of the year, “shame on you” and go download it right here at the site or on iTunes while we all wait here for you to return… Ok, your back. The following Wonderpod art is , of course, from our very own Glasenator who is now a new staff member of this very website.  Before that occurred, we played a lot of games online with him and had some fun experiences. One gameplay session online inspired some fan art from Glasenator. I  really like the Hydrothunder comic strip, which although  somewhat exaggerated like all comics should be, is a reletivly fair description of the events of one night of XBL gaming with our very own Bruce Mcgee. Bruce didn’t like the other players hitting his boat and causing him to go off course, as you will see in the comic below “innocent” little Glasenator may have bumped him one time? haha.  Also, you will see a nice Wonderpod logo which is our most recent art as seen on our facebook page, ” Wonderpod Online”.

The events that transpired are the artists interpretations....haha

A very nice looking Wonderpod logo .

Once again, on behalf of Gunsage and Bruce Mcgee,  I thank all the listeners of the show that have contacted us last year in our first season of Wonderpod . Thank you for the fan art, we would love more emails as well, and especially the hate mail that makes us all warm and fuzzy insde , we love  ALL of it and appreciate it.

Patman out ! See you all in the upcoming year!

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4 Responses to “The Fan Art Of Wonderpod!”

  1. G says:

    We should look into implementing some of this stuff into the site design perhaps?

  2. JCC says:

    They're all pretty sweet, but that last one (the controller logo) is just plain awesome. You guys actually should use that as your logo.

  3. PatMan says:

    We have been thinning about that, JCC. Bruce has been playing around with the colors a bit as well, although the original looks just as good to me. It will be making appearances in upcoming highlight reels and other places, I am sure.

    I am particularly fond of Gunsage as a Viking, for some reason.

  4. Bruce McGee says:

    I love the fan art. The Glasenator comic captured my annoyance with one particular XBL bastard well. If i recall right he was one who kept driving me off the track thinking it would allow him to pass. In reality in sent us both back to last place.

    I have messed with the controller logo, only because I like screwing with stuff. Well that and I am not a fine of all white. Here is the image

    <img src="; alt="logo" />