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Wonderpod Episode 269

Time for another Wonderpod. This week a mix of ranting with mad love for a new game. Almost a throw back episode. Next week we will be live on Twitch. Enjoy the show and have a great weekend!

Smackdown 08/02/13

Preamble and stuff. Yadda Yoda yolo yadda… Always check the bike first. Always. Hopping time…

Smackdown 06/21/13

Whelp, this will be a little different than normal. I’m whipping through Smackdown since Calgary will be going through rolling power outages tonight (or so the police scanner says), to deal with the massive flooding in this city. And let’s be honest here, there is no way Smackdown is topping either Payback or RAW which […]

Smackdown 03/15/13: You Probably Should’ve Watched This Episode, Jerk.

Step 1: Steal a time machine Step 2: Go back to the 1980’s and find yourself a Pogoball Step 3: It’s hopping time, motherfuckers. Let’s do this shit.

Smackdown 02/08/13: This Card Looks “Turrible”

I’ve read the matches (non-spoiler version) ahead of time, and kill… me… now. This does not look good, people. There’s one or two on the card that look passable. But I must warn you, there will be much FFW content on this debacle. Unless you like immobile big guys that can’t really do anything in […]

Raw is Pre Wrestlemania-3-26-12Raw is Pre Wrestlemania-3-26-12Raw is Pre Wrestlemania-3-26-12

The following appears courtesy of Justin Ruff whose work also appears here, Bored Wrestling Fan, and Ruff’s Ramblings. There are fewer bigger nights than this. Wrestlemania is the event that all events are measured by. This is the WWE’s second-to-last chance to get us to want to buy Wrestlemania. Click here to read Good Ol’ […]

Thankgiving – Notable Gaming Gimmicks (AKA Cranberries)

Something was missing from this last Thanksgiving. Well, okay…a lot was. We’re not on speaking terms with my wife’s family, my father is down in Florida living it up for retirement, and my super busy mother in Indiana was…well, too super busy. As a result, it was just me, my wife, and the kids. We […]

PatMan Picks Stampede Wrestling Classics. Andre The Giant Battle Royal.

After making the clean tag with G, Im back with another edition of Stampede Wrestling classics. This time around I am bringing in someone one BIG. How big you say? How about the legendary Andre the Giant?  In order to showcase his amazing size and skills, the big hearted giant made several appearances in the Stampede […]

Power Poll 05/14/11

Time for the Power Poll folks! The ratings seem fairly close to the shows rated for last week’s Smackdown and iMPACT (not the episodes that fell on May 13 and 12). Let’s check out our rankings:

Puppet Wrestling

Ah Tuesday morning dawns and all is quiet in this little town. Well except for the dog barking two houses over. That little rat bastard woke me up ten minutes before my alarm. Then came harpy like shrieking of his owner. The saddest part, the houses in this neighborhood are not that bloody close together. […]