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Crush Trailer

Hey a release trailer for a new game on the 3DS, the crowd goes wild. The game won’t be out until September, the crowd begins to throw rocks.  I will keep pimping 3Ds game trailers as I can already see the potential of the little beast. Even if some “analysts are trying to cause a panic because […]

Homefront: Single Player Gameplay

IGN has put out some single player footage of the upcoming game Homefront.  Our very own Bruce Mcgee is very interested in this title, and to be honets, so am I. The multiplayer sounds to be different from most of the other FPS out there and its about time we all had a new game […]

Broke Ass Gamer is Back!

Nope, don’t worry.  The new Broke Ass Gamer will not be like it was two episodes before.  In all seriousness it won’t.  The only difference is that I am more broke.

Raging Ranger

Oh boy it is an angry morning here in the McGee compound. At one time in the not to distant past I would of just exploded with rage all over the page. These days I just suck it down and write about shit that matters to no one, yet it entertains me and that is […]