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McGee In: Savage Lands EP 1

I needed a game for a new solo series. Looks like Savage Lands will fit the bill. Caution I went off on a couple topics in this video. I plan to do more game play next time. Enjoy the video guys!

McGee In: Modded Minecraft EP 8

More Sword Craft Online. Everyone gets frustrated playing games and I lost my mind a little in this video. I also manage to show a little more of what makes the mod different from others. Enjoy the video guys!

McGee In Minecraft: Vanilla Village

I have played Minecraft for years. One thing I never got around to doing was fixing a vanilla village. I have worked in and around them plenty of times. Never having taken one from its original state and made it look better. Better being subjective of course. The video shows the different stages of the […]

Through The Wurm Hole (Part 2)

I have spent the last few weeks learning to build a house from scratch. Given my previous experience and skill set, I would never thought that was possible. Arcana is an interesting place to live. Besides Maria there are several other villagers here. Most of them keep to themselves as surviving in this world takes […]

Through The Wurm Hole (Part 1)

My name is Bob Ungerly and my normal boring life has changed forever. I had a simple life. My job was in accounting in an office down town. To the office at nine and home after five. A single man without out much of a life outside of work. One morning I was sitting on […]

Sunday (re)post

I am still off on my own adventures at the moment. So why not join Sandy Toaster Pants for some fun. This is the fourth episode in the series. If you need to catch up hit the archives under the fiction category. There you can find the first three episodes

Saturday (re)post

I am off doing cowboy stuff this weekend. So I am giving you the third and fourth installment of Sandy Toaster Pant’s. ┬áThese stories were some of my favorites when writing them. Enjoy the series.

Saturday (re)post

Once again it is Saturday and that means digging out a post from my archives. Last week I started you off with the first Episode of Mister Sandy Toaster Pant’s and his adventures. This week we will move on to episode two in that fine series. If you happen to miss the first episode it […]

Sunday (re)post

It is Sunday, a day of rest for some and a day of hangover for the rest of you. I wrote a series of stories toward the end of my time at the Morphine Nation. They were silly, a bit crazy and above all fun. The hero of the story was a character I created […]