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Wonderpod Episode 68

Wonderpod has survived the E3 extravaganza show. Listening to us this week, one might even think we were actually at the show. Sadly, none of us are important enough for that. Still we struggle through and discuss the world of gaming. Call it the E3 hangover episode if you like

Crysis 2 Launches.

Crysis 2 has officially launched and is getting some pretty solid reviews from the likes of ( 9.1)  and IGN (9.0) even some of the lower scores still have it around the 8.0 range which is a decent score. Of course we should all make our own minds up and not be persuaded by […]

This Is Not A Review

It appears my intro from yesterday was a hit. Sure it was one person, but that counts right? Being me, I have been sitting here for thirty minutes trying to create another one. According to the latest data from my brain, I am not that witty. He keeps telling me our flashes of funny are […]

Crysis 2 & Homefront. Packing a great 1-2 punch this March!

Unless all you do is play farming games on facebook, I am sure that you have heard that there are two big FPS coming out in the next few weeks. One is an all new title which might be the start of a franchise if its a success at the cash registers. The other  is […]

Crysis Tough

Well the week is flying by and it’s closer to the recording of Wonderpod. For once I am happy about it as there are things a foot for this weekend. I am normally not a social guy, but a few times a year I do like to attend some events and catch up with people […]

Epic Crysis on X-box 360! Which demo will you play most, today?

Today is a  pretty lucky day for many of us X-box 360 shooter fans. It is the day that not one but two big name shooters for 2011 are releasing an online demo for us to potentially become addicted with. Call me crazy, but its almost too much of a good thing, in my opinion

Video Games Are Good

Tuesday morning, almost the end of January. Where did the bloody month go already. I know where it went, work and video games. Speaking of video games, Both the Bullet Storm and Crysis 2 demos drop today. I will be playing both and might even give you an impressions post or something. On top of […]

Videogame News. Crysis and Duke

Welcome to a new segment here on Wonderpod-online. Im calling it simply, and very unoriginally, “videogame news”.  This is where I find something interesting in the world of videogames, and quickly discuss it. Hardly an earth shattering new idea by any means, but when Patman, or any of the other crew for that matter, see […]

Raging Ranger

Oh boy it is an angry morning here in the McGee compound. At one time in the not to distant past I would of just exploded with rage all over the page. These days I just suck it down and write about shit that matters to no one, yet it entertains me and that is […]