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Wonderpod Episode 209

Glasenator is roaming the woods in upstate New York. Which means time for a two man episode of Wonderpod. We enjoy doing these, but may be investing in a bull pen soon. Starts in the gaming realm and turns to the tech world before hitting the wall. Enjoy the show people!

Smackdown 05/24/13

Can I be frank for a minute? JT is seen in my preamble holding up a sign that says, “No, your name is ‘G’, brother, dude.” Fine. Look. On May 21st, Steve Wilhite, inventor of the GIF file format won The Life Time Achievement Webby Award on May 21 for giving the gift of the […]

Smackdown 12/09/11: Beat the Clock Night!

Wow, I just worked for 15 hours. So naturally, what do I want to do? Watch some Smackdown, you ask. Actually… yes. I do. See it’s “Beat the Clock” matches to determine placement in a TLC match. This is a gimmick I love. This review might be a little more convoluted than normal, however. Let’s […]

“CM Punk Is Not Impressed”

What’s going on Wonderpod Online Dot Com readers? Well, that Punk, CM, is at it again. He’s entering into another one of those memes just like the one I brought to you a while back with his “Punking” antics, with the article entitled: “Punking” is naturally better than “Planking” And this one… well, this is […]

“Punking” is naturally better than “Planking”

I’m not going to rant here. I’m an old guy when it comes to “What All the Kids Are Doing.” Seems that we’ve heard all about planking. Lying down all flat and being a plank. Pretty cool stuff. Or so I’m told. Looks awesome! Generally I would never endorse any of this, as it’s not […]

TCR Comix: The Lifespan Of The Average North American Woman, As Depicted On Facebook

Hey, how’s it going! Lately, The Internet has had this massive erection for the drug-addled antics of one Charlie Sheen.  Apparently, everyone remembered that he’s a remorseless drug addict, and he’s SO FRIGGIN’ FUNNY!  I hope Charlie enjoys this additional 5 minutes of fame, before The Internet loses interest and moves on to the next […]

G Makes an Unfunny Comic!

Ever since the Serene Branson’s on-air stroke/migraine(?) at the Grammy’s last week, this meme has all over the internet. And for some reason it got me thinking about Back to the Future, for some reason… and since the meme is a little insensitive, I figured I’d make it even worse for everyone involved in my […]

Nostalgia Trip

Stress is making my brain vomit. So in an effort to get something up I am going to do a nostalgia image post. Almost as crappy as list post, but with my brain broken it’s better than nothing. Most of the images you will see come from the original Morphine Nation forums. Lets say between […]