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Minecraft Diary: EP 1

I am starting a new series, mostly because I can. This will be a diary of my minecraft single player experiences, told with my flair for weird and twisted. Meaning you take one part Sandy Toaster Pant’s plus one part video game. You end up with a nice and hopefully funny little diary of sorts. […]

TCR Comix: The Brilliant Bedtime Household

Hey guys.  You know who we haven’t heard from in a while?  The Muppet-Things!  Seeing as it’s been a good four months since, I figure it’s time we checked in on them!

RPG of the Year – 1999

Yet another gigantic year for RPGs. There are 29 games! This will probably be the last year I do, at least for a while, so let’s not wait any longer and just hop right into it.

Wonderpod Highlight Reel !

Welcome ,once again, to another Wonderpod Video Highlight Reel. This time around I give you a short taste of episode 51, our most current episode. I was unable to attend this recording, but Bruce put together a great show. This one is a special episode because it serves as in introduction to our newest contributor, […]

The Top 5 Things I’ve Learned as a Gamer in College

Left 4 Christianity

This is only a test introduction, if this had been an actual introduction, there would have been a lot more fire and screaming. I never have quite worked out how to kick start this morning abomination if you haven’t noticed. Do I jump straight in to the meat of the post? Do I conjure up […]

Crysis Tough

Well the week is flying by and it’s closer to the recording of Wonderpod. For once I am happy about it as there are things a foot for this weekend. I am normally not a social guy, but a few times a year I do like to attend some events and catch up with people […]

Wonderpod Episode 48

It is Friday and time for this week’s Wonderpod. This weeks show was a little messy and off the rails at times. We had our special guest from last week on for a while, then he was eaten by a gator. Saddened, but resilient the rest of the crew pressed forward talking about things.